Skirting Board Painting Suggestions

Painting Skirting Boards is an easy job but to make them look more beautiful there are some suggestions which can improve the texture and give them an overall versatile look. Anyone can spill paint of the boards; only the right approach can create a beautiful piece.

Be it an MDF Skirting Board, which is famous for its texture, or any other random board; a right layer of paint can make the Skirting Board a noticeable thing. We have drafted some suggestions which can help you paint the boards better.

Tips for painting Skirting Boards:

  • Use Little Paint - When painting a Skirting Board always ensure that you take a little paint. Little is always more in this case. Just a dip in the paint can be sufficient for the whole board. Don’t use too much of paint as it may drip down and cause the texture to be not so smooth.

  • Ensure no Drip Down - Even a little use of paint can cause a drip down of paint. The painting on the tip above can still lead to paint drip down. If you notice any such type of drip, just wipe it with the brush or a clean cloth as this is not good for your texture. When removed quickly, any chances of a paint bump or drip is not possible.

  • Paint Right to Left - The accurate direction of paint can make the job easier. Usually, a right handed person will feel easy to paint the board from right to left and the left hander, vice versa. Do whichever way, the paint will stick; a proper position will increase your efficiency.

  • Varnishing - If you have got small children, use a topping of varnish. Varnishing can make them resistant to bumps, scratches any liquids.

All the above tips will help you paint your Skirting Boards well and for best results use these techniques on MDF Skirting Boards.